Chris Simmons

Uncles and aunts and cousins singing and picking at every family get together... It was just a normal part of life for Chris Simmons growing up in North Alabama. Chris yearned to join in and learned to play at 12 years old and wrote his first song at 14. Shortly after that, Chris began singing and writing in his own band. He sang and played and wrote for a handful of bands from Alabama to Austin to Los Angeles and back. 

While working as touring guitarist for Leon Russell (2007­2012), he was blessed to co­write two songs with the Legendary Russell. The first was for Chris's album, “Old News To Me” (2009). The song, “Easy To Love”, was featured in USA Today. Then another tune as the title track for Chris’s next release, “Hallelujah Man” (2011).

Chris says, “I aim to write with no real style boundaries. I just try to let the song do its thing... I don't really know why I write songs, I just know I have to.”